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About Part Rescue

  • Honesty and Integrity

  • Innovation

  • Responsibility

Honesty and Integrity


In good faith to win the trust of customers, win market recognition, and win the respect of society.

The corporate culture with integrity at its core advocates each employee's loyalty to the lofty cause, loyalty to duty, honest work, and to resolutely struggle against all acts that harm the company's interests, and safeguard the company's interests and reputation from any infringement.



Innovation is the everlasting force for sustainable development

Part Rescue constantly innovates, and always maintains a working atmosphere of unity, win-win and passion. At the same time, the management team carries out regular SWOT analyses and portfolio strategy analyses,firmly establishes employees' awareness of crisis, self-reflection and innovation, and constantly strives to pursue and surpass themselves. Innovation also encourages risk-taking and new experiences!

The spirit of the achiever


Enterprises should activate value creation internally and maintain continuous competitiveness externally. We must take the achiever as the base and the value creator as the respect. We should create a talent mechanism and cultural scholars based on achievers, so that lazy people, mediocre people and people who do not create value will suffer and be eliminated, and achievers and value creators will be happy and stand out. The spirit of struggle is the soul of the sustainable development of the enterprise, the loyal achiever is the biggest asset of the enterprise, every achiever being the most respectable person of the enterprise, is to build "century-old shop", is the true hero to realize the grand vision of the enterprise. The management team of Part Rescue Technology Co.,Ltd strives to continuously optimize the reform of organizational structure and salary systems, cultivate achievers, recognize achievers, and build a platform for achievers to realize their maximum personal value!



To customer: We WILL do our best to serve every customer and exceed customer expectations.


To family: We are responsible members of the family, we value the family, honor our parents, and use our achievements to create a better life for them.


To suppliers, partners: all cooperation based on equality, long-term and mutual benefit.


To environment and society: we take care of environmental protection and rational use of global resources in our business activities, and will contribute to special projects that can make a difference to the community through our efforts, such as direct philanthropy, investment in public welfare, or employees' active involvement in various public welfare activities. We try our best to contribute more to society and give back to society with the result of everyone's efforts.

Corporate mission and vision


Part Rescue Technology Co., Ltd is committed to building the company into a global advantage supply chain resource, production and research integration of high-tech enterprise. To "continuously exceed customer expectations" and " help customers reduce costs" for the purpose of service, improve customer supply chain management, let the world famous electronic manufacturers enjoy a high quality service from us. Allow each reputable supplier fully support our supply team. We will become absolutely indispensable in electronic components/PCB assembly and famous in the electronics manufacturing arena. We achieve a lifelong career here and be proud to devote ourselves to the field of electronic manufacturing and distribution.